Message from the 1st Executive Director

Access to health care is a human right. People everywhere are entitled to living lives where physical, mental and social well being are fostered. The health challenges we face today are best addressed not by institutions and organizations fighting diseases for the community but by empowering the community itself so the community can be a steward of its own health and well being.

The wildly successful Health Extension Program (HEP) system in Ethiopia is based on such a model of community empowerment where Health Extension Workers (HEWs) are chosen from the community, to serve the community. The International Institute for Primary Health Care in Ethiopia (IIfPHC-E) works to strengthen the primary health care system of Ethiopia, of which the HEP is an integral part. In addition, IIfPHCshares the ingredients for the success of Ethiopia’s HEP with other countries in Africa and beyond via training tailored to each country’s needs.

With the help of our capable staff and using the technical support given to us by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, IIfPHC carries out pertinent research and highly effective trainings to continue the progress Ethiopia has made thus far in making healthcare accessible to the masses.

The research explores ways to build upon the HEP’s success and also IIfPHC’s success so far. IIfPHC constantly strives for improvement and progress, thus we take feedback from our esteemed trainees, partners and other stake holders and incorporate the feedback into our ongoing effort for self-advancement.

I thank you for visiting our website and hope you take the time to get to know the Institute and its work. I would like to extend an invitation for you to contact us if you are interested in being involved in our training, research or Resource Center. The spectacular success witnessed in the past few years in Ethiopia’s PHC system pales in comparison to what we can do together. Now more than ever access to health care for all is within reach. Every human life is sacred and thus demands to be treated with respect and dignity.

Prof. Mengesha Admassu

First Executive Director,
International Institute for Primary Health Care in Ethiopia (IIfPHC-E)