action medeor – German Medical Aid Organization

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action medeor is the largest medical aid organization in Europe. “medeor” is a Latin word for “I heal”. The organization works to improve the medical situation of people, especially in developing countries. In order to provide needy people medicines, a reliable drug supply chain is necessary. Thus, action medeor supports local health structures and the pharmaceutical sector in developing countries through providing training. Moreover, the organization strengthens health systems by setting up an alternative supply system complementing the existing national system to increase access to medicines. Action medeor keeps high quality medicines, medical supplies and medical kits in stock. The organization has set up a regional office and warehouse in both Tanzania and Malawi, and is in the process of evaluating various options for setting up regional non-profit wholesalers in other African countries. Projects of action medeor include: basic healthcare; maternal and child health; water and hygiene; HIV/AIDS; malaria; disaster risk reduction; food security; and disaster relief.

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