American Journal of Cancer Research

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The American Journal of Cancer Research (AJCR) (ISSN 2156-6976), is an independent open access, online only
journal to facilitate rapid dissemination of novel discoveries in basic science and treatment of cancer.  It was
founded by a group of scientists for cancer research and clinical academic oncologists from around the world, who
are devoted to the promotion and advancement of our understanding of the cancer and its treatment.

The scope of AJCR is intended to encompass that of multi-disciplinary researchers from any scientific discipline
where the primary focus of the research is to increase and integrate knowledge about etiology and molecular
mechanisms of carcinogenesis with the ultimate aim of advancing the cure and prevention of this increasingly
devastating disease. To achieve these aims AJCR will publish review articles, original articles and new techniques
in cancer research and therapy. It will also publish hypothesis, case reports and letter to the editor.

Unlike most other open access online journals, AJCR will keep most of the traditional features of paper print
that we are all familiar with, such as continuous volume, issue numbers, as well as continuous page numbers to
retain our comfortable familiarity towards an academic journal.

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