GEAR – Guide to Health Economics and Research

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GEAR is a global platform specializing in helping low- and middle-income countries, and academics, researchers, and health technology assessment practitioners worldwide to conduct high quality, policy relevant health economics research. GEAR enables you to explore the solutions to your research questions through mind maps, which compare guidelines and produce tailored recommendations, and to direct specific questions about health economics challenges to a range of highly-skilled experts. GEAR provides various ways to solve specific methodological difficulties researchers may encounter in the conduct of their studies. The resource is designed as a global public good dedicated towards helping low- and middle- income countries (LMICs) academics, researchers and economic evaluation practitioners worldwide conduct high quality, policy relevant healthcare research. In addition, the resource explores the issues in the conduct and the use of evidences, potential solutions to the issues and future research questions to address these issues.
The GEAR online resource has several features: mind mapping; comparisons of recommendations from selected health economics guidelines; and “ask an expert,” a question-and-answer feature that allow you to pose questions on issues that are not dealt with in the other features of the website.

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