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John Snow, Inc and the nonprofit JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc are public health management consulting and research organizations dedicated to improving the health of underserved people and communities in the US and around the globe. JSI works in 106 countries around the world with government organizations, the private sector, local nonprofit and civil society organizations to improve quality, access and equity of health systems. Moreover, JSI offers a wide range of consulting services, providing high-quality technical assistance, program expertise, and analytical insights. The expert services of JSI include: applied technology; assessment; capacity development; knowledge management; monitoring, evaluation, and research; program development; quality assurance and improvement; strategic planning; technical assistance and training. JSI health services brings to projects technical expertise in virtually every aspect of health care: adolescent health; aging; behavioral health; chronic disease management; community health coalitions; emergency preparedness and response; environmental health; family planning & reproductive health; health care reform; health disparities; health information technology; healthy communities; HIV & infectious diseases; immunization; integrated care models; LGBT Health; maternal and child health; native American/American Indian health services; patient safety; population health; primary care; rural health; and substance use.

The resources link has documents of various results, trainings, and resources from JSI’s research, programs, and projects, lessons learned, publications; e-learning, journal article, videos and instructional tools.

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  • Subject category: Adolescent health, Communicable diseases, Elder health, Primary health care, Reproductive and sexual health
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