Malaria Consortium

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Malaria Consortium Ethiopia is committed to reducing the burden of malaria on affected communities. The charity works closely with the Federal Ministry of Health and with local health authorities at the regional and district level in Southern Ethiopia. Areas of focus include: prevention, control and treatment of malaria and other communicable diseases; technical support to the National Malaria Control Program; training health workers and strengthening health systems. The charity conducts operational research and supports for improved surveillance on malaria. The behavior change communication activity of the Consortium aims to improve awareness and understanding of malaria.

The resource link has publications database, journal articles, learning papers on advocacy and policy; child and maternal health; childhood illnesses; community delivery; health system strengthening; and iCCM. Issues covered include dengue ; diarrhoea ; malaria ; malnutrition; mapd ; NTDs ; pneumonia from Africa, Asia, USA and the UK.

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