National Institute for Medical Research - NIMR

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NIMR is a public health research institution established to generate scientific information required in the development of better methods and techniques of enhancing disease management, prevention and control in Tanzania. The Institute carries out medical research designed to alleviate disease among the people. In addition, research is undertaken into the various aspects of local traditional medical practices for the purpose of facilitating the development and application of herbal medicine. NIMR cooperates with researchers, monitors research work and establishes systems of registration, documentation and dissemination of health research information. The Institute’s major research areas are malaria, HIV/AIDS and sexual transmitted infections, URTI, diarrheal disease, pneumonia, intestinal worms, eye infections, skin infections, anemia and trauma/accidents.

The publications link has collection of materials, including journal articles, technical report and research summaries. The resources section has NIMR library, research policy, strategic plan documents and ICT guidelines.

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