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Sanofi is a global multinational pharmaceutical company and a healthcare leader providing healthcare solutions in more than 170 countries around the world. Sanofi is located in 100 countries and has 81 manufacturing sites in 36 countries. The program areas of intervention include: healthcare for all, corporate citizenship, environmental impact, and ethics and transparency. Sanofi focuses on improving access to healthcare and high-quality medications for underserved populations in its fields of expertise by serving the needs of patients with non-communicable diseases. It contributes to the eradication, elimination and control of some infectious diseases. The company fosters the development of prevention through its integrated care program. Priority focus areas are: delivering innovative medicines and vaccines, development of new business models and strengthening primary healthcare systems. Sanofi’s science and innovation focus on R&D, clinical trials and results, partnering and scientific publications.

The document center has reports, factsheets, reference documents, brochures and videos in Sanofi’s intervention areas.

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