World Child Cancer

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World Child Cancer promotes that every child with cancer, wherever they live in the world, should have equal access to the best possible treatment and care. The charity partners with specialized healthcare professionals from high income countries to those in low income ones to improve treatment standards, to train healthcare workers and to improve the quality of care available to children with cancer. World Child Cancer educates primary healthcare professionals on spotting the early warning signs of childhood cancer to enable quicker referrals to hospitals so that even the most vulnerable children have access to adequate healthcare. In addition, the charity raises community awareness that childhood cancer is treatable and that the community should improve their trust in healthcare systems. World Child Cancer campaigns to ensure national and international stakeholders are aware of the importance of investing in improving the access and quality of cancer care. The charity is supporting programs across Africa, Asia, and central America.

The news  and resources section has materials from the charity’s programs, fundraisers and supporters.

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