World Health Partners Inc. – WHP

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World Health Partners is an international, non-profit organization that delivers health and reproductive health services within a walking distance to underserved communities, particularly rural. The charity creates an entire ecosystem of healthcare by developing solutions that keep the human aspects central to its programming and consciously factor in the medical, social, religious and financial aspects of service delivery. The ensuing range of products and services also creates volumes, necessary for reducing cost of delivery. WHP directly offers tele-consultations, largely for primary care in underserved communities in India and Kenya. It has created technology-enabled networks that connect healthcare providers, entrepreneurs and communities and provide medications, consultations and referrals. The trained and networked providers deliver essential healthcare services, including maternal and child health care, family planning, reproductive health care and treatment for tuberculosis to millions of clients. WHP collaborates with healthcare professionals in the public and private sectors to provide consultations with less highly-trained healthcare workers. Moreover, the charity trains and invests in local entrepreneurs, many of them women, to serve their communities and earn a livelihood through creating a connection to the healthcare network.


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