World Heart Federation – WHF

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WHF is the leading global voice of cardiovascular health, playing a major role in bringing the CVD community together to drive transformational change. By 2025, the Federation aims to drive the WHO target for non-communicable disease mortality reduction by reducing premature deaths from CVD by at least 25%. Together with its members and partners, WHF leads the global advocacy effort for action to prevent, control and reduce the global burden of CVD and for heart health. The programs and partnerships are aimed at creating awareness of CVD as a priority issue across the globe. The organization convenes and connects its members to share science, best practice and resources, acting as a global thought leader and catalyst for positive change.
You can join the fight against cardiovascular disease by becoming a member and help WHF to build global commitment to address cardiovascular health at the policy level.
The news and resources section help you to find out more about WHF and its members’ work around the world and keep you up to date with developments in the fight against CVDs. The resources have toolkits, videos, infographics, policy reports, factsheets and more.

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