Capacity Building Objective

The overall aim of the capacity building program is to enable participants to acquire the necessary knowledge, skill and tools to provide competence in planning, implementing, and evaluating Primary Health Care systems at scale.

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Capacity Building Courses

3 Days Capacity Building for policy makers

This course for high-level ministry of health officials and other high-level government officials will focus on the broader landscape but will provide exposure to field activities.

Target audience
High-level policy makers and officials including parliamentarians, health ministers, lawyers, health and economic advisors etc.

6 Weeks Capacity Building for Primary Healthcare implementers

This package is designed to enable trainees to develop a higher competence in PHC development using the Health Extension Program as a framework.

Target audience
Primary Health Care program managers including ministerial, regional and provincial health managers etc.

2 Days Capacity Building for Health Programmers

This innovative package is especially designed for those who wish to acquire robust knowledge, experience and skills to strengthen the PHC system in the trainees’ own countries. This course is of particular value to those who aspire to pursue further studies in PHC but whose work responsibilities prevent them from taking longer-term studies in the traditional university classroom setting for a formal degree.

Target audience
Primary Health Care program implementers including district level managers, health center managers etc

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