Global PHC programs

The Global PHC Programmatic Area of IIfPHC-E is the outward facing section of the Institute that aims to share Ethiopia’s best experiences in PHC with other low- and middle-income countries while at the same time taking lessons learned from other African countries and sharing it with Ethiopia. This Programmatic Area therefore aims to meet this demand. The exchange of best experiences is done to strengthen the PHC System of other low- and middle-income countries while also supporting Ethiopia’s PHC System.

IIfPHC-E is deeply committed to change. For this reason, every effort has been made to take an evidence-based, scientific approach towards developing the capacity of the countries we work with to plan, design and implement PHC programs and policy. IIfPHC-E has the advantage of learning from a massive PHC experiment that has been going on for 15 years in Ethiopia. It is these best experiences that are shared with participants who sign up for the capacity building workshops.
Ethiopia’s extensive experience with PHC has been contextualized and tailored to the needs of client countries to create this training and associated package which are effective catalysts for change. The training was developed by high-caliber local and international experts who represent the best minds in their respective fields. The training materials and all the capacity building packages have been prepared with an eye-towards cultural sensitivity. We have used a client-friendly and participant-centered approach for maximum effectiveness. The training materials are based on the years of experience that IIfPHC-E has with training participants from more than a dozen African countries. IIfPHC-E believes that South-to-South collaboration is the best avenue for solving problems in low and middle-income countries.
As such, through this training and subsequent packages IIfPHC-E shares Ethiopia’s experiences while at the same time learning from these countries. Since IIfPHC-E is part of the Federal Ministry of Health (FMOH), it has the privilege of extracting best experiences from other settings and bringing it to the attention of FMOH for incorporation into the Ethiopian health sector.


To strengthen the Primary Health Systems of Low-and-Middle Income countries and Ethiopia’s PHC system through building capacity, enhancing partnerships and south-to-south collaboration.

General Objective.

To strengthen the PHC policy design, programming and implementation capacity of 24 countries who commit to building resilient PHC.

Specific Objective 1

To provide community-rooted PHC programmatic and policy support training to countries.

Specific Objective 2

To provide community-rooted PHC programmatic and policy training and onsite post-training follow up.

Specific Objective 3

To provide comprehensive technical assistance (training, virtual/onsite post-training follow up and PHC policy/program-level design support) on PHC system strengthening and specific thematic areas.

Specific Objective 4

To provide enabling PHC implementation.