African Health Organizations

Here you find non- organizational and governmental organizations, networks, partnerships, academic institutions, UN agencies and African Union entities committed to improving health and health care in Africa. Many of these organizations have offices and programs in a number of Sub-Sahara African countries. The location of the headquarters of each health organization is indicated in this directory.

Posted 3 years ago

Africare is an African-American led non-profit international development organization. The charity works to improve the quality of life of the people in Africa having thousands…

 Non-Government Organization / 459 views

Posted 3 years ago

HDSS provides a research platform for the Rural Public Health and Health Transitions Research Unit of the Medical Research Council (MRC) and University of the…

 Academic institution / 438 views

Posted 3 years ago

AWA is an entity of the African Union with the specific mandate to lead advocacy, accountability and resource mobilization efforts to advance a robust African…

 African Union initiative / 457 views

Posted 11 months ago

Amani Global Works saves lives in the Great Lakes Region of Africa, using Idjwi Island as a model. Founded in 2010 by Dr. Jacques Sebisaho…

 Private company / 100 views

Posted 3 years ago

AMMREN is a network of African journalists and scientists working together to reduce the burden of malaria, which is endemic in most parts of Africa….

 Network (advocacy or NGO) / 465 views

Posted 3 years ago

AMREF Health Africa strives to improve the health of disadvantaged people in Africa. The charity operates in Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, West…

 Non-Government Organization / 482 views

Posted 3 years ago

AAWORD is a pan-African, non-profit organization with more than 1000 members. The Association undertakes and supports research, training and advocacy with the intention of promoting…

 Non-Government Organization / 555 views

Posted 3 years ago

CARMMA was launched to trigger concerted action towards improving maternal and newborn health and survival across the continent. The Campaign aims to expand the availability…

 African Union initiative / 420 views

Posted 3 years ago

CRH, located in the School of Nursing and Public Health at the University of Kwazulu-Natal, aims to improve the health care offered to impoverished people…

 Other (program/project) / 436 views

Posted 3 years ago

CAFS is dedicated to strengthening the capacities of organizations and individuals working in the field of health, HIV & AIDS, population and development to contribute…

 Non-Government Organization / 460 views

Posted 3 years ago

CEOHR was formed within the School of Public Health and Family Medicine at the University of Cape Town. The Center is made up of several…

 Academic institution / 375 views

Posted 2 weeks ago

CHP is a multi-disciplinary health policy unit in South Africa and an academic research group . The primary focus of its research is to draw…

 Academic institution / 2 views

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