On this page, you will find open access e-Learning resources for your research, training, personal and continued professional development needs. The websites include free online education resources from the world’s leading universities and public health schools that promote the Open Education Resources (OER) movement. OER are openly licensed online educational materials that are free to download, use, reuse, and modify as long as you adhere to the Creative Commons conditions. There are also selections of Massive Open Online Courses (also known as MOOCs) and course materials (presentations, videos, reading lists, visual aids, articles) that are open to the public.

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ActivEpi Web is an e- textbook for teaching epidemiology and is available freely online. The site has a full range of learning activities such as...

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The African Health OER Network advances health education in Africa by using OER to share knowledge, address curriculum gaps and support communities around health education....

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Alison's free online health courses are designed to provide continuing education to those already in the healthcare field as well as those seeking first-time healthcare...

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The ANA Enterprise has an extensive range of resources for continuing education, e-learning and teaching. In addition, ANA has a research toolkit to help provide evidence-based...

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The APHA's Integrated Continuing Education Program is useful for public health professionals and those interested in public health. This webpage is the portal to APHA's...

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AuthorAID is a free global network that provides support for researchers in low and middle income countries. The online platform offers personal mentoring, online training...

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Better Thesis is a free online resource that gives you a general overview of what a thesis should consist of and how to write it....

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BMJ Learning offers continuing medical education for doctors and other healthcare professionals. It features hundreds of accredited, peer-reviewed learning modules in text, video and audio...

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The CA-NV PHTC works closely with public health professionals from health departments and other community health organizations to develop trainings that strengthen core competencies and...

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canvas Network provides learning management system that makes teaching and learning easier for higher education and workforce users worldwide. Some courses in the field of...

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The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) efforts to more rapidly and effectively respond to health threats currently and its work reach over...

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CDC Learning Connection is your source for information about public health training developed by CDC, other federal agencies and federally funded partners. By connecting through...

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