Ethiopian Health Organizations

A list of non-governmental, governmental and academic organizations that are actively engaged in the health priorities of the country is available here. Small Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), associations, civil society organizations and community groups work with communities to adapt activities that ensure effective health delivery. The organizations add significantly to diversity of development and adopt innovative and new approaches in the health area. Description of each organization’s intervention program areas/activities, research focus and external resource link is available. Many of the health organizations have headquarters in Addis Ababa and operate in different regions of Ethiopia. Some of the international organizations Ethiopia have programs in other Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia and Latin America and have more resources from these countries.

The Government of Ethiopia works in partnership with bilateral, multilateral and UN organizations. The interventions of the development partners are aligned with Ethiopia’s development strategy (Growth and Transformation Plan) and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In terms of health, the GTP promotes a concerted and coordinated effort to improve the quality of primary health care delivery and hospital treatment services. Thus, the development cooperation efforts are geared towards: expanding health infrastructure; developing human resource for health; improving health institutions; strengthening pharmaceutical supply and logistics management as well as building community engagement and ownership.

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Action against Hunger is an international non-governmental organization fighting hunger. The types of interventions in Ethiopia focus on: nutrition and health; food security and resources;…

 International NGO /  Ethiopia / 359 views

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APA is established for the relief of suffering from Podoconiosis through effective prevention and treatment programs. APA provides health services and supports health facilities. The…

 Local NGO /  Ethiopia / 314 views

ActionAid Ethiopia


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ActionAid aims at eradicating poverty. Its focus in Ethiopia ranges across many of the regional states of rural and urban areas. Intervention programs include: primary…

 International NGO /  Ethiopia / 395 views

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The AAU School of Public Health has two departments: the Department of Reproductive Health and Health Service Management and the Department of Preventive Medicine. The…

 Academic institution /  Ethiopia / 322 views

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AC-IPH is an independent Institute for public health research and training. Research areas include: malaria epidemic detection surveillance; strengthening malaria monitoring and evaluation systems as…

 Academic institution /  Ethiopia / 429 views

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ADHENO was established for the purpose of contributing toward the alleviation of extreme poverty in North Shoa, one of the poorest regions of the country….

 Local NGO /  Ethiopia / 339 views

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ACHAP provides technical assistance and health-focused capacity building, mainly on HIV and TB prevention, care and treatment. ACHAP’s activities are expanded across the public/population health…

 Other (program/project/partnership) /  Botswana / 311 views

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The overarching objective of the African Development Bank (AfDB) Group is to spur sustainable economic development and social progress in its Regional Member Countries (RMCs),…

 Bilateral or multilateral organization /  Ethiopia / 337 views

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Amref aims to bring lasting health change in Africa. Amref Health Africa partners with Ethiopian communities to improve health. Of the charity include: supporting the…

 International NGO /  Ethiopia / 288 views

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ARUA is a network of sixteen leading research universities of the Region that strive to expand and enhance the quality of research done in Africa…

 Academic institution /  Ghana / 276 views

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African Services Committee is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the health and self-sufficiency of the African community in New York city and beyond. ASC…

 International NGO /  Ethiopia / 271 views

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AHF, the largest global AIDS organization, has been working to provide lifesaving treatment to those people already living with HIV/AIDS and simultaneously make important HIV…

 Local NGO /  Ethiopia / 366 views

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