Ethiopian Health Organizations

A list of non-governmental, governmental and academic organizations that are actively engaged in the health priorities of the country is available here. Small Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), associations, civil society organizations and community groups work with communities to adapt activities that ensure effective health delivery. The organizations add significantly to diversity of development and adopt innovative and new approaches in the health area. Description of each organization’s intervention program areas/activities, research focus and external resource link is available. Many of the health organizations have headquarters in Addis Ababa and operate in different regions of Ethiopia. Some of the international organizations Ethiopia have programs in other Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia and Latin America and have more resources from these countries.


The Government of Ethiopia works in partnership with bilateral, multilateral and UN organizations. The interventions of the development partners are aligned with Ethiopia’s development strategy (Growth and Transformation Plan) and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In terms of health, the GTP promotes a concerted and coordinated effort to improve the quality of primary health care delivery and hospital treatment services. Thus, the development cooperation efforts are geared towards: expanding health infrastructure; developing human resource for health; improving health institutions; strengthening pharmaceutical supply and logistics management as well as building community engagement and ownership.

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The College has the departments of nursing, midwifery, anesthesia as well as Schools of Medicine and Public Health. Postgraduate programs in public health and applied…

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The College runs undergraduate programs in public health officer, nursing, midwifery, pharmacy, medical laboratory science and innovative medicine. A specialty postgraduate programs in Master of…

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The College has undergraduate programs in nursing, environmental health, medical laboratory sciences, pharmacy, public health officer, and medicine and midwifery. It also offers postgraduate programs….

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WHAE aims to increase the active participation of under-privileged women within Ethiopia’s development process to create healthy individuals and healthy community. The program focuses on…

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The World Bank in Ethiopia is helping to fight poverty and improve living standards, through promoting rapid economic growth and improving service delivery. The Bank’s…

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In Ethiopia, WFP provides emergency response in the area of: food security, nutrition, support for smallholder farmers, early warning tools, refugees’ care, capacity building and…

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World Vision is an international partnership of Christians and works with the poor and oppressed to promote human transformation and to seek justice. In Ethiopia,…

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