Health Databases

Here you find general reference and useful databases that specialize on topics covering global health, public health, maternal and child health, mental health, reproductive health; health planning & management (including evidence-based practice and systematic reviews) and more. The databases are organized by these specialized subjects for ease of reference. For details on subjects identified and catalogued by the RC, see the glossary or ‘Main subject areas’ and ‘Subsidiary subject areas”. There are also grey literature and multidisciplinary specialist databases to allow you to make your search.

Most of the databases are free to use and provide access to journals, e-books, articles, and expert commentaries. However, some database services require free registration and login. Please read the database suppliers’ terms of use, copyright, and privacy policies before using the resources. A number of key health databases that require subscription are also listed for your information.

Posted 3 years ago

Bioline International is a resource tool that provides access to open access peer-reviewed bioscience journals published in developing countries. These journals contain timely research on…

 Public health / 435 views

Posted 3 years ago

BMJ Epidemiology provides access to the latest research papers, research methods, reporting and news from the BMJ relating to epidemiology.

 Diseases/disease control / 420 views

Posted 3 years ago

BMJ Public Health provides access to the latest articles and reports from the BMJ relating to public health issues. Topics covered include: health education, health…

 Public health / 731 views

Posted 3 years ago

Bookshelf provides free online access to books and documents in life science and healthcare. Subjects include health care, evidence-based medicine, health policy, public health as…

 Primary health care / 518 views

Posted 3 years ago

The British Library’s collections include books, journals, manuscripts, maps, patents, photographs, newspapers and much more. Most of the collection is freely available online to support…

 Primary health care / 417 views

Posted 3 years ago

CABI’s Global Health database is a specialist bibliographic abstracting and indexing database dedicated to public health at both international and community levels, as well as…

 Global Health / 410 views

Posted 3 years ago

Cambridge University Press is actively engaged with Open Access and publishes a number of open access journals, articles, books, chapters and series. The resources have…

 Primary health care / 435 views

Posted 3 years ago

The Campbell Library helps people make well-informed decisions by preparing, maintaining and disseminating systematic reviews in education, crime and justice, and social welfare. Campbell Systematic…

 Systematic review / 374 views

Posted 11 months ago

The Canadian Medical Association, in collaboration with Public Health Agency of Canada, medical associations, and the Council of Chief Medical Officers of Health, provide a…

 Infectious diseases/COVID-19 / 99 views

Posted 3 years ago

CancerData shares data for cancer research. It has a list of datasets, Atlases, protocols, publications and bibliography.

 Non-communicable diseases / 357 views

Posted 1 year ago

The CARPHA Evidence Portal is a repository of research, syntheses and Caribbean policy-relevant documents, including clinical, population health and health systems research. The types of…

 Public health / 134 views

Posted 3 years ago

The database provides evidence-based interventions that use a collaborative approach to community health to address specific, underlying risk factors for the leading causes of morbidity…

 Community health care / 397 views

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