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Here you find wide-range of leading international, development, research and funding health organizations, foundations, government and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), academia, the private sector, community groups, programs and other health advocates.  These entities work at the global level and integrate the efforts of work on primary health care. They play important role in improving the health of communities, regions and even entire nations, and in building sustainable health care. Many of these organizations conduct research to address health issues to find innovative solutions to strengthen the world’s primary health care systems. Their evidence-based analysis and reports facilitate decision-making process and make a profound impact on health policies at local, regional and global level.  You will also find some of the leading actors such as brac, Icbbr,d, Jamkhed-CRHP and SEARCH that have adopted primary health care and that have played an important role in improving the health of communities.  You could learn the different models of primary health care the institutions adopted to maximize impact.   

The international health organizations have a collection of resources for you to make your work informed by global perspective. By browsing the resources, you can find answers to your questions and stay up to date with the latest developments and programs. Please check the glossary for detailed topics under each subject category.

Posted 3 years ago

ZTBI is working across the world with the purpose of creating ‘islands of elimination’ that will contribute to lowering rates of TB. The Zero TB…

 Non-Government Organization / 347 views

Posted 3 years ago

Bringing together researchers, practitioners, and policymakers from around the world, the Yale Global Health Leadership Institute (GHLI) creates synergies in global health research, education and…

 International development organization / 501 views

Posted 3 years ago

World Vision is a global Christian relief, development and advocacy organization dedicated to working with children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice. World…

 Non-Government Organization / 225 views

Posted 3 years ago

World Relief stands with the vulnerable and partners with local churches to end the cycle of suffering, transform lives and build sustainable communities. With initiatives…

 Non-Government Organization / 260 views

Posted 3 years ago

WHF is the leading global voice of cardiovascular health, playing a major role in bringing the CVD community together to drive transformational change. By 2025,…

 Non-Government Organization / 327 views

Posted 3 years ago

World Health Partners is an international, non-profit organization that delivers health and reproductive health services within a walking distance to underserved communities, particularly rural. The…

 Non-Government Organization / 425 views

Posted 3 years ago

The WFPHA is an international, non-profit organization composed of over 100 associations’ member, mostly multidisciplinary national public health associations, and representing around 5 million public…

 Non-Government Organization / 231 views

Posted 3 years ago

WFMH is an international membership organization founded to promote the advancement of mental health awareness, prevention of mental disorders, advocacy, and best practice recovery focused…

 Non-Government Organization / 238 views

Posted 3 years ago

World Child Cancer promotes that every child with cancer, wherever they live in the world, should have equal access to the best possible treatment and…

 Non-Government Organization / 233 views

Posted 3 years ago

As a leading global advocate for the health, rights and wellbeing of girls and women, Women Deliver catalyzes action by bringing together diverse voices and…

 Global movement / 387 views

Posted 3 years ago

Wellcome, a global charitable foundation, exists to improve health for everyone by helping great ideas to thrive. The Trust supports scientists and researchers across the…

 Non-Government Organization / 273 views

Posted 3 years ago

Water Aid is an international non-profit making clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene normal for everyone, everywhere. The charity taps into groundwater, drill wells…

 Non-Government Organization / 264 views

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