Knowledge Management
and Monitoring & Evaluation

IIfPHC-E strongly believes that in order to provide the best possible healthcare and foster innovation informed decision-making is fundamental. Providing the right knowledge at the right time, i.e., at the point of decision making by implementing knowledge management in healthcare is paramount.

Thus in an attempt to effectively manage both knowledge generated in-county as well as knowledge acquired globally, the institute aims to build capacity of implementation research for policy translation, increase access to data/ information and embed program/system’s monitoring and evaluations. IIfPHC-E synthesizes evidence-based information and research findings gathered from all over the country and the world to inform policy, PHC practices and generate policy options. It also organizes a knowledge-sharing platform to disseminate newly gained knowledge and practical experience for larger audiences.
As part of making Ethiopia a knowledge powerhouse for PHC, the knowledge management (KM) and Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) strategic theme consists of four specific objectives where one is cross cutting to all institutional themes i.e. strengthening collaboration and partnerships.

The Knowledge Management and M&E thematic areas:

As epidemiologic, socio-economic, demographic and technological transitions occur, there is a need for ongoing PHC systems implementation research to understand the changing context of PHC implementation to respond accordingly and to frame the future of PHC systems globally and locally in Ethiopia.

The IIfPHC-E Resource Center is building a global hub of resources relating to primary health care (PHC) to share knowledge, information and promising practices. To this end, the Resource Center serves as an online repository of learning and resource sharing in primary health care.

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