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Posted 1 year ago

The African Journal of Management Research focuses on topics and themes that cut across organizational/institutional sectors (public, private, non-for-profit) and address matters of theory, research...

 Health services planning & management /  Ghana / 161 views

Posted 1 year ago

The Nigerian Hospital Practice journal aims to enhance the advancement of medicine globally by acting as a medium for disseminating information on current clinical and...

 Health services planning & management /  Nigeria / 111 views

Posted 1 year ago

The South Sudan Medical Journal (SSMJ) is a multi-professional journal and aims to publish research and clinical guidance that will positively influence the development of...

 Health services planning & management /  South Sudan / 134 views

Posted 1 year ago

The Sudanese Journal of Ophthalmology is an online journal and covers technical and clinical studies related to health, ethical and social issues in the field...

 Health services planning & management /  Sudan / 129 views

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