National PHC programs

In an effort to monitor the effectiveness of Ethiopia’s Primary Health Care system, identify weaknesses, ensure it evolves to meet the needs of people and remain exemplary, the Institute supports the Ethiopian PHC system. IIfPHC-E accomplishes this by designing and implementing implement a continuous capacity development program for Ethiopia’s health sector leaders at all levels in order for them to become the change agents in PHC systems. Furthermore, the institute plays a key role in the transformation of PHC systems by generating innovative ideas, testing the ideas in community innovations centers and consolidating the learning and best practices to provide basis for knowledge transfer among primary health care facilities to achieve highest impact.


Supporting the transformation of Ethiopian PHC system and ensure it evolves to meet the needs of people and remains exemplary, through capacity building, designing innovative solutions, enhancing evidence informed policy and strategy.

General Objective.

To support Ethiopia’s PHC system through building leadership, catalyzing information sharing and enhancing innovative & evidence-based PHC programs.

Specific Objectives.

Specific Objective 1

To provide technical support to PHC improvement initiatives of the federal ministry and Regional Health Bureaus.

Specific Objective 2

To develop leadership capacity of PHC leaders at all levels of the health systems through designing and implementing, need based, tailored and state of the art short term to midterm trainings.

Specific Objective 3

To incubate future health leaders as a succession plan for national and regional level leadership positions

Specific Objective 4

To address PHC implementation gaps by continuously generating learning innovation and adaptation using innovation centers to speed up the transformation of woredas and PHCUs.

Specific Objective 5

To document best practices of PHC in other countries in order to inform program leaders in Ethiopia and in other countries.