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AAH-I works with and for communities who live in conflict-affected, marginalized and under-served regions of Africa to sustainably improve their quality of life.  The target...

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Action against Hunger is an international non-governmental organization fighting hunger. The types of interventions in Ethiopia focus on: nutrition and health; food security and resources;...

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AfGH is a broad European network of development and health organizations advocating for European governments to play a more proactive role in enabling developing countries...

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action medeor is the largest medical aid organization in Europe. “medeor” is a Latin word for “I heal”. The organization works to improve the medical...

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APA is established for the relief of suffering from Podoconiosis through effective prevention and treatment programs. APA provides health services and supports health facilities. The...

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ActionAid aims at eradicating poverty. Its focus in Ethiopia ranges across many of the regional states of rural and urban areas. Intervention programs include: primary...

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ActivEpi Web is an e- textbook for teaching epidemiology and is available freely online. The site has a full range of learning activities such as...

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Australian Catholic University Research Bank provides access to the research in various fields including medicine and health sciences. It also has theses collections and open...

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The AAU School of Public Health has two departments: the Department of Reproductive Health and Health Service Management and the Department of Preventive Medicine. The...

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