Posted 9 months ago

Abia State University Medical Students’ Association Journal publishes scientific papers written by and for medical students. The Journal aims to advance biomedical sciences and encourages academic...

 Medicine / 140 views

Posted 3 years ago

The Africa Journal of Nursing and Midwifery, a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal, aims to publish articles on current nursing and health-related issues. The journal encourages debate,...

 Primary Health Care / 803 views

Posted 8 months ago

African Journal of Emerging Issues is an interdisciplinary journal focusing on theories, methods and applications in health and biological science, medicine, social sciences, technology and innovation...

 African Journals / 56 views

Posted 8 months ago

African Journal of Environmental Science and Technology provides publication of articles in all areas of the subject. The Journal is published by Academic Journals.

 Environmental health / 64 views

Posted 8 months ago

The African Journal of Food Science (AJFS) publishes papers on food engineering, handling, processing, storage, preservation, contamination and packaging. Other aspects covered include food safety and quality...

 Nutrition / 57 views

Posted 8 months ago

African Journal of Governance and Development is a multidisciplinary publication to share scientific knowledge focused on the interface of governance and development.  The Journal focuses on issues...

 General information / 63 views

Posted 8 months ago

African Journal of Health Economics promotes knowledge, development and application of health economics in health policy and systems in the African context. The Journal’s focus...

 African Journals / 52 views

Posted 9 months ago

African Journal of Health Sciences and Medicine provides access to research dissemination in all health research petinent to public health, clinical medicine and biomedical sciences....

 Health sciences / 171 views

Posted 8 months ago

African Journal of Health, Safety and Environment (AJHSE) publishes research articles, review articles, short reports and letters to the Editor in all areas of public...

 African Journals / 61 views

Posted 8 months ago

African Journal of Integrated Health (AJIH) publishes articles on the prevention, case management and treatment of endemic and emerging diseases in Cameroon, Africa and other parts...

 African Journals / 74 views

Posted 8 months ago

The African Journal of Oral Health Sciences conducts research in oral diseases and encourages a multidisciplinary approach. Emphasis is on oral pathology, oral microbiology, oral medicine, oral...

 Oral health / 46 views

Posted 8 months ago

African Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and Development (AJOPRED) publishes papers in areas of pharmaceutical sciences, biomedical research and allied sciences including pharmaceutical technology, pharmaceutical product...

 Medical services / 64 views

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